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  • Scarface Says He Is The GOAT MC...But Nas Is His Favorite

    Justin "The Company Man" Hunte published a special video breaking down his personal "Top 5, dead or alive MCs" list (also on AFH TV). In the visual essay, the prominent video personality, host, and member of the Ambrosia For Heads team explains his choices, which he asserts are purely music-based...

  • Is Scarface The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time?

    Let’s do the math. 7 group albums since 1988 as part of the Geto Boys. One platinum (We Can’t Be Stopped). Two Gold. (Till Death Do Us Part & The Resurrection).

    11 solo albums since 1991’s Mr. Scarface Is Back. 3 Platinum (The Diary, The Untouchable & My Homies). 4 Gold.

    At least 3 certif...

  • Scarface Explains Why It Takes Him So Long To Make Albums

    Scarface explains why it takes him so long to make albums. The Geto Boys member also tells host Soren Baker how he writes about death & what it was like making "Mr. Scarface Is Back." Additionally, Face tells host Soren Baker about making "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me."

  • J. Prince Discusses The Long Rumored Tupac & Scarface Joint Album

    Rap-A-Lot Records Founder & CEO J. Prince discusses his role in the creation Death Row Records, the rumored Tupac and Scarface joint album, how he got Dr. Dre's secret production formula and more.

  • Scarface on A Tribe Called Quest's Debut Album

    Scarface breaks down the significance of A Tribe Called Quest's People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm on Best Albums. The Geto Boys rapper tells host Soren Baker why the LP was so inspirational to him & what made "Ham 'N' Eggs," "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo" and "Can I Kick It?"...

  • DJ Premier Discusses The Making Of Gang Starr's Moment Of Truth Album

    When DJ Premier said “the real Hip-Hop,” he meant it. Guru was not just rapping words on their album Moment Of Truth, he was telling true stories. Premier discusses the meaning of their classic album, song by song.

    On March 30, 1998, Gang Starr stepped forth with Moment Of Truth. Guru and DJ ...

  • Spice 1 Revisits The Songs That Made Him A Gangsta Rap Legend

    For more than 30 years, Spice 1 has made Rap music on his terms. His songs can be violent, menacing, and heartless. However, as Spice explains, they are realistic portrayals of life in the East Bay. This rapper also prides himself on how he tells it, from his flow to gripping imagery.


  • J. Prince Reveals Why The Tupac/Scarface Album Did Not Happen

    In 1996, Scarface and Tupac had a magical collaboration called "Smile." For a time, it looked like the two might work together to make a full joint album, but the album was derailed. Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince explains what happened.

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  • The First Video Streaming Service For Real Hip-Hop Fans Is Here


    We at Ambrosia For Heads (AFH) are proud to announce, AFH TV, the first real Hip-Hop TV network. Our thoughts about what “TV” is are out of the box, literally. TV networks are no longer numbers you tune to on a cable box. They are apps that you access, where you want and when you want. Netflix, H...