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Can it be that it was all so simple then? No, actually. In reality, life is quite complicated and often needs some unpacking. On TBD, host Justin “The Company Man” Hunte, looks at current events through the ever-changing lens of Hip-Hop, often in the most atypical of ways.

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  • How Kanye West vs. 50 Cent Rejuvenated Rap & Changed Their Careers

    Episode 1

    On September 11, 2007, 50 Cent and Kanye West went head to head to see who could sell the most records. The music industry was in a terrible place and these to kingpins were on the opposite sides of the bell curve. The move rejuvenated Rap, and fundamentally changed each artist's music career in ...

  • How Losing His Dad Made JAY-Z A Better Man

    Episode 2

    In 2017, Jay-Z went full KD. Kevin Durant. Hova was in the zone. He was inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and dropped a twitter storm of shoutouts. Check the full story on AmbrosiaForHeads. Obama even sent him a congratulations video. He released a statement about his plans to bail out f...

  • The Art Of Screaming Fire In A Staudium

    Episode 3

    This was one of the most hectic weeks of the year. Kendrick Lamar dropped a new video and a couple of new interviews. If it seems as if it's harder than ever to keep up with it everything, that's because it is... The media landscape is inverting. There are more content creators than content consu...

  • Who Is The True Godfather Of Hip-Hop?

    Episode 4

    Many sides are revising narratives. Many sides. And Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc's 44-year long conflict reminds us Hip-Hop isn’t immune. Not every artist in the golden era was transcendent, not everyone dropped a classic, though we make it seem so. We’re always pointing at artists with ghostw...

  • Women In Rap Are Back!

    Episode 5

    Cardi B arrived in a major way, in 2017. Her “Bodak’s Yellow” reached the top of the charts. Only 17 female rappers have appeared on a song that charted in the Billboard Top 20 since 2000. And, Cardi isn't the only one. There are a ton of noted female rappers bringing excitement. Azealia Banks wo...

  • Why JAY-Z's 4-44 Is The Blueprint For Grown Man Rap

    Episode 6

    The ageism discussion in Hip-Hop is over. At the age of 47 years young, JAY-Z released one of 2017’s most important albums, and he didn’t mumble once. Here’s how he made the new blueprint for Grown Man Rap.

  • Ghostwriting: How It Works & Why It's Necessary

    Episode 7

    Ghostwriting is a loaded term. It’s regularly weaponized. It’s been used in a lot of Rap beefs as an attempt to damage an emcee's credibility. We’ve seen online conversations question the impressiveness of an album or song if it seems like there are too many writers on it. We’ve seen presumed gho...

  • Nas, De La Soul & How Underground Hip-Hop Started

    Episode 8

    Hip-Hop celebrated the 20th anniversary of Rawkus’ influential release Soundbombing Vol. 1 in 2017. Soundbombing is credited with starting an indie rap revolution. It was billed as the ultimate guide to underground Hip-Hop, which at the time, was a relatively new concept. Underground Hip-Hop. Sup...

  • Tupac & The Fugees' Forgotten Rap Beef

    Episode 9

    The Company Man takes a detailed look at The Fugees' collaboration, "Cowboys," with The Outsidaz, off their 1996 classic, The Score. Did it add fuel to the fire of the beef between Tupac and The Fugees?

    Produced, Shot & Edited By: Ahmed Sabir-Calloway

    Produced, Written & Hosted By: Justin H...

  • Celebrities Will Steal Your Job

    Episode 10

    Times change like nickels and quarters. Whichever way you spin it, journalist, interviewer or talking head is the latest way to expand your brand and everyone is running to the Fountain Of Quick Cash. Just being an artist is no longer enough. The side-hustle is the new bill-payer. Celebrities are...

  • Kendrick Lamar vs. Lupe Fiasco: Steal Like An Artist

    Episode 11

    The Lupe versus Kendrick debate has gone on for years. There’s a Genius thread that’s been running for 4 years arguing who’s lyrically greater—Carrera Lu or King Kendrick. It makes sense, we’re looking at two of the greatest emcees in Hip-Hop history, two arguable GOAT contenders who each cut thr...

  • Eminem & Tiger Woods: What Happens When You Alienate Fans

    Episode 12

    The commercial reaction to Eminem’s Revival was fascinating. The album debuted at #1, his eighth in a row, his streak is still intact. But for the first time, Marshall Mathers’ exhibited commercial vulnerability, notching 267,000 first week, the lowest of his career. Is Eminem experiencing a simi...

  • Banned In China...The War On Hip-Hop Continues

    Episode 13

    In January 2018, Time magazine ran a piece entitled, Tasteless, Vulgar, Obscene: China Just Banned Hip-Hop Culture and Tattoos From Television. According to Chinese news outlet, Sina: The article states that the country’s top media regulator — the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio...

  • Ralph McDaniels Was The Pioneer Of Music Video Shows

    Episode 14

    Before Yo! MTV Raps, Rap City, TRL or 106 & Park, Ralph McDaniels’s Video Music Box was Hip-Hop’s original video music show. And, he did it for the culture, not the cream. This episode of TBD looks at Uncle Ralph's impact, and answer a long-standing question about who was wiping the sweat from Na...

  • Eminem & White America

    Episode 15

    t was the cypher seen ‘round the globe. BET. The calm before the storm. The shoot took place at Detroit’s First Street Parking. Flanked by a couple classic cars and the future of Shady Records—Boogie, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, plus Royce 5’9 and his younger brother Kid Vishis (Nobody’s r...

  • Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d. classic

    Episode 16

    It's been 5 years since Kendrick Lamar's Aftermath debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city hit the earth like a comet. 5 years later, music media and skeptical fans are finally opening themselves to the fact that the Compton kid's breakout opus is officially a Hip-Hop classic. But why did it take so long? ...

  • Wu-Tang & The Saga Continues

    Episode 17

    When Wu-Tang Clan released their album, Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues in 2017, there was a lot going on with the Clan. Wu’s mystery project, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was allegedly back on the market. Super villain Martin Shkreli said he planned to sell the work of art for $1 million, reportedly ...

  • Eminem & Kanye West: Damage Control

    Episode 18

    The Company Man returns with a look into KAMIKAZE and how Eminem and Kanye West have responded after alienating their super fans.

  • Mac Miller Discusses His Own Death In 2013

    Episode 19

    In the latest episode of TBD, Justin “The Company Man” Hunte discusses Joe Budden and MGK. Near the end of the video, however, he shares a clip from 2013 of Mac Miller discussing the prospect of his own death, and it is chilling.

  • Why J. Cole's K.O.D. Is 2018's Most Important Album

    Episode 20

    J. Cole’s KOD is a compelling body of work that stands to be among the best art from a consistent source. Indeed, not everybody feels that way about J. Cole. While a commercial juggernaut—all five of Cole’s albums have reached #1; KOD broke streaming records—he is polarizing to critics. Some ado...

  • Lupe Fiasco Returns With A New Album That’s Deeper Than Rap

    Episode 21

    Lupe Fiasco has released a new album and it’s one of his most ambitious efforts to date. The Company Man breaks down the complex concept of Drogas Wave, and why Lupe still refuses to dumb it down.