2 Seasons

Can it be that it was all so simple then? No, actually. In reality, life is quite complicated and often needs some unpacking. On TBD, host Justin “The Company Man” Hunte, looks at current events through the ever-changing lens of Hip-Hop, often in the most atypical of ways.

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  • Is Black Thought The Greatest MC Of All Time?

    Episode 1

    After more than 25 years of destroying microphones, Black Thought is unquestionably one of Hip-Hop's finest MCs. But, is he the greatest rapper of all time? The Company Man makes the case,

    Produced, Written & Hosted By: Justin Hunte

    Produced, Shot & Edited By: Ahmed Sabir-Calloway https://...

  • Is Snoop Dogg The Greatest MC Of All-Time?

    Episode 2

    Do the math. 25 years. 30 million sold worldwide. 15 solo albums. Scores of mixtapes and collaborative albums. At least two classic releases. The first was The Chronic. You can’t understate the importance of The Chronic in any context and Snoop’s all over it. He’s is a writer on 13 of 16 joints w...

  • Lauryn Hill Ain't The GOAT

    Episode 3

    The cultural force with those heavenly octaves who crafted timeless music that spoke to men and women worldwide left us over 20 years ago, replaced by a reclusive enigma who occasionally pops up to deliver more questions than quality. And as uncomfortable as it is to say, as much as I wish it was...

  • Is Scarface The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time?

    Episode 4

    Let’s do the math. 7 group albums since 1988 as part of the Geto Boys. One platinum (We Can’t Be Stopped). Two Gold. (Till Death Do Us Part & The Resurrection).

    11 solo albums since 1991’s Mr. Scarface Is Back. 3 Platinum (The Diary, The Untouchable & My Homies). 4 Gold.

    At least 3 certif...

  • A Reluctant Argument For Why Drake Is The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time

    Episode 5

    Draaake??? Drake?! The Company Man makes a reluctant but credible argument for why he could be considered the greatest rapper of all-time.

  • The Company Man's Top Five Greatest Rappers Of All-Time

    Episode 6

    The Company Man lists his top 5 MCs, dead or alive, and makes compelling cases for why each is deserving of his spot.