The Library Hip Hop Interviews with Tim Einenkel

The Library Hip Hop Interviews with Tim Einenkel

7 Episodes

The Library Hip-Hop Interviews with Tim Einenkel, provides in-depth interviews with authors, artists, scholars and entertainers.

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The Library Hip Hop Interviews with Tim Einenkel
  • Chip Fu of the Fu-Schickens Speaks About Working With Shaq

    Episode 1

    Chip Fu from the Legendary group Fu-Schnickens speaks to Tim Einenkel about Rap, Reggae, UTFO’s Educated Rapper, recording with Bob Power, and shares some gems about working with Phife Dawg and Shaq. He also talks about the last performance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Arsenio's importance to Hip-Ho...

  • Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Discusses The Importance Of Being Different In Hip-Hop

    Episode 2

    Tim talks to legendary artist, DMC. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer discusses the 30th anniversary of "Tougher Than Leather", producer Larry Smith, and the importance of being different in Hip Hop. He also spits a new verse which will be on an upcoming DJ Premier beat.

  • Keith Murray Takes An Epic Journey Through His Career

    Episode 3

    Keith Murray takes Tim on an epic journey from the first rhyme he ever heard, to the importance of Medgar Evers College Radio to him growing up, writing rhymes while in school, his early break dancing days, and hearing Rakim and Erick Sermon rhyme for the first time. Murray gets into his debut on...

  • Kwamè Speaks About His Early Days As An Artist

    Episode 4

    Tim Einenkel speaks with Kwamè. The legendary producer and MC talks about his early days as an artist, the roles Lionel Hampton and Stevie Wonder played in his life as a child, and the origin of his name. Kwamè talks about his the high concentration of talent in his neighborhood growing up, becom...

  • Evil Dee Discusses His History With Black Moon, Rawkus & More

    Episode 5

    Tim talks to Legendary Producer, Evil Dee. The Black Moon DJ explains why drawing from a diverse set of musical influences helps with the creativity of his production. Dee remembers learning an instrument in 10 minutes, his West Indian parents' love for Kenny Rogers, and talks about the origin of...

  • Grandmaster Caz & Grandmaster Melle Mel Discuss Their Hip-Hop Legacies

    Episode 6

    Tim sits down with two legends, Grandmaster Caz and Grandmaster Melle Mel. The progenitors of Hip-Hop talk about what inspired them, what differentiated them from others and share some great Hip-Hop history.

  • Grand Wizard Theodore Discusses Inventing Scratching

    Episode 7

    Tim Einenkel speaks with the man who invented the scratch and the pioneer of the needle drop, Grand Wizard Theodore. The Hip-Hop legend talks about the moment he invented the scratch and the importance of the needle drop. He talks about his own history in Hip-Hio, his voice being sampled by Publi...