The NBA Storyteller

The NBA Storyteller

7 Episodes

From The NBA Storyteller:

Recognized as THE BEST NBA basketball channel on youtube that you've never heard of - 2017. Official channel of NBA Basketball Storytelling..Telling stories of the NBA that Illuminate the dark corners, reveal the lost hidden or misplaced narratives, and shine fresh light on the well known Classics. All whilst seeding the masses with our slow drip of implicit intention so we can together achieve our ultimate objective (which shall be revealed in season 2).

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The NBA Storyteller
  • The GREATEST DUNK in NBA HISTORY (Full Documentary)

    Episode 1

    From The NBA Storyteller:

    The Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing IS The greatest Dunk ever. I settle this once and for all here. In this nearly 40min Feature (documentary) The NBA Storyteller explains exactly why This dunk, this one dunk by this one player at this one special moment is THE g...

  • Kobe Bryant BROKE ALL the NICKNAME Rules

    Episode 2

    Oh Kobe Bryant the Black Mamba and his Mamba Mentality... somehow we've managed to avoid a deep dive into The Kobe "The Mamba" Bryant... Until now. We start to do all that, and we also go into a lot on nicknames in general. How do NBA players get them, why are they important, its a whole big mes...

  • What was John Stockton's Dirty Little Secret...He Had NO Left

    Episode 3

    From The NBA Storyteller:

    John Stockton is considered one of the top 5 or even top 2 NBA point guards of ALL TIME. And the evidence is all right there...right? All time assist leader - multiple time all star and NBA first team selection. He also rarely missed a game in his 19 year career. He ...

  • Why Klay Thompson is the ONLY OPTION

    Episode 4

    From The NBA Storyteller:

    Klay Thompson is not a 3rd option, he is a first option picking his spots. Klay is a benefactor of the Warriors system, but the whole darn system crumbles without him. The NBA has never seen a player like Klay, and STILL has no way to categorize him. So lets re-examin...

  • How to NOT get CUT From the NBA Finals Montage

    Episode 5

    From The NBA Storyteller:

    The NBA Finals Montage is a fairly recent , yet long standing tradition. The TV networks use it to get folks hyped about the game and also to recognize, or Honor the Greatest Moments and players in NBA Finals History. But there seems to be a problem after all these y...

  • Derrick Rose: The Doomed Superstar

    Episode 6

    From The NBA Storyteller:

    Derrick Rose has been subject to countless scenarios of what he could have been. But Derrick Rose was only going to be one thing.. and there's almost nothing in the NBA world or in the whole wide world that could have altered that.. So it's time to stop feeling sorry...

  • The UGLY Truths about Gregg Popovich vs Kawhi Leonard

    Episode 7

    What really happened between Kawhi Leonard, Gregg Popovich and the Spurs? The NBA Storyteller poses some unsettling theories.