Where It All Began

Where It All Began

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When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop? Where It All Began looks at artists' relationships with Hip-Hop before they were famous. Kendrick Lamar, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Big Daddy Kane, 9th Wonder and many more share stories about the people, places, music and events that made them want to pursue a career in Hip-Hop.

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Where It All Began
  • Kendrick Lamar: Where It All Began

    Episode 1

    Kendrick Lamar gives us an in-depth interview about the music that shaped him and led him to Hip-Hop. He discusses everything from the earliest influences on his musical tastes to the deep connection between him, DMX and Tupac. He is candid, introspective and insightful. Witness the story of w...

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff: Where It All Began

    Episode 2

    DJ Jazzy Jeff is a Hip-Hop icon: one of the illest DJs EVER, winner of the first ever Rap Grammy, superstar producer and one half of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. But, do you know the path that led him to become one of Hip-Hop's pioneers? Here's an interview where he breaks d...

  • Murs: Where It All Began

    Episode 3

    Murs discusses what shaped him in becoming an MC. He covers everything from the impact of Eazy-E and LL Cool J, to growing up in a Crip neighborhood, to Oreo cookies. He even shares that he was laughed at the first time he wrote a rhyme. This is the story of Where It All Began in hip-hop for M...

  • Stic Man (from Dead Prez): Where It All Began

    Episode 4

    Stic Man from Dead Prez is well-established as one of Hip-Hop's greatest revolutionaries. But, did you know that his first rap ever got him kicked out of school and nearly caused a riot? Get to know Stic Man like you never have before, in his own words. This is the story of Where It All Began ...

  • Skillz: Where It All Began

    Episode 5

    Skillz's first music he ever bought was DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's "Girls of the World Ain't Nothing But Trouble." Fast forward several years later and he is now touring the world with the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. Skillz is living proof that talent, drive and hard work makes dreams come...

  • Big K.R.I.T.: Where It All Began

    Episode 6

    Big K.R.I.T. recalls his earliest music experiences and influences. His inspirations range from Twista to Scarface to Tupac and more. He also shared his earliest experiences rapping, which started when he was 10 years old. This is the story of Where It All Began in Hip-Hop for Big K.R.I.T.

  • Jay Rock: Where It All Began

    Episode 7

    Jay Rock talks about his earliest experiences with Hip-Hop, from who his first favorite rapper was to the music he first bought to what led him to pursue Hip-Hop as a career.

  • Statik Selektah: Where It All Began

    Episode 8

    Statik Selektah is one of the hardest working and illest producers around. Made in the mold of legendary producers like DJ Premier and Pete Rock, his tracks have defined today's underground sound. And, he has worked with everyone from Freddie Gibbs, Termanology, Action Bronson, Big K.R.I.T. and...

  • Stalley: Where It All Began

    Episode 9

    Stalley combines intelligent lyricism with a blue collar work ethic and relatability. After a stint with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, he is forging his own path as an independent artist. Here's a look at Stalley as he discusses the Hip-Hop that shaped him into the artist he has become today. ...

  • Termanology: Where It All Began

    Episode 10

    Termanology burst onto the underground Hip-Hop scene in 2006 and has been steady grinding ever since. He discusses the music that helped shape him into the MC he has become. He talks about his early love for Black Sheep, hiding his Hip-Hop tapes from his parents when he was younger, and working...

  • XV: Where It All Began

    Episode 11

    Kansas MC XV is a longtime student music. He discusses his earliest influences and he spoke of everyone from The Delphonics to Marvin Gaye to Crucial Conflict to Biggie. He also tells an amazing story of how JAY-Z's The Blueprint helped him through 9/11. This is the story of Where It All Began...

  • Ab-Soul: Where It All Began

    Episode 12

    Ab-Soul is not easily defined. Here's a look at him discussing some of the many musical influences that shaped him into the artist he is now. He talks about everyone from OutKast to Jay-Z to Twista and how growing up working in a record shop played a key role in expanding his world musically. T...

  • BJ The Chicago Kid: Where It All Began

    Episode 13

    BJ The Chicago Kid discusses his earliest experiences with Hip-Hop and what led him to want to become an artist.

  • Lil Dicky: Where It All Began

    Episode 14

    Lil Dicky explains what led him to Hip-Hop, in 5 questions. He has had a charmed career in Hip-Hop, thus far. "Ex-Boyfriend," his first video ever, racked up a million views on the first day, and his debut album, Professional Rapper, was the number 1 Rap album in the country, the first week of it...

  • Chuuwee: Where It All Began

    Episode 15

    Sacramento MC Chuuwee discusses his earliest musical influences. He talks about artists ranging from Kurtis Blow to The Neptunes, showing that he is a student of the game. He also speaks about another passion besides music that he holds close to his heart. This is the story of Where It All Beg...

  • Reason: Where It All Began

    Episode 16

    TDE artist, Reason, tells the story of his earliest influences and what led him to a career in Hip-Hop.